April 2013


Dear Wishing Well Parents,

It has been a lovely first week back from Spring Break.  I have found the children to be quite excited to be back with their friends, almost bubbling over with energy.  To meet this in a healthy way we are finding the moments when we laugh together, bend the rules a bit, and begin new endeavors.

I bring you the image of this tree because it amazed me when I saw it.  It is in one of my favorite places in the whole world, Donner summit, and we were having a family picnic when I stumbled upon it.  There is no soil anywhere nearby, only granite rock.  Being at the top of the summit, weather conditions are extreme and you can see this in the formation of bark, how it has grown to accommodate the wind, etc.  Then I looked to the roots.


Now I couldn’t help but think of our little school when gazing upon this wonder of the natural world.  We of course are not as old and firmly rooted as this tree but the way in which the roots have spilled over the rock and wrapped themselves around to find its nourishment, gave inspiration.  The choices we need to make for our children are sometimes difficult.  Being that they are mostly young our choices have been relatively basic.  As they grow and challenge us the choices we will have to make will be become larger and sometimes more difficult.  Finding the right nourishment for our children is a personal path yet finding others to share in the journey eases the task.  Our community here at Wishing Well is a special place.  Each and every one of you at our school has embraced the challenges that come along with finding what is right for you, your family and our school.  I appreciate the intention that you have for this process of forming a school, defining your family and engaging in your own personal growth.  May we all find what gives us the strength to grow even through the rock!

From the Board

We have an amazingly dedicated board working toward forming a group that can communicate well and trust each other with growing our school.  I would like to thank each and every person who has stepped forward to take on this task.  Thank you for offering all you do!

On that note, you are all invited to board meetings.  They are the third Wednesday of every month and are open to any parent at our school.  Our next meeting is April 17th at 6:30pm.  There will be no parent evening that night, as it states on the calendar you received in January.

The minutes for every meeting are posted in a binder that lives next to the refrigerator in the kindergarten and I often post them  for about a week on the cork board above the sign-in/out at the kindergarten.  Come and listen in on our next meeting!

From the kindergarten

In the kindergarten spring has sprung!  Weddings have happened and new friendships are being forged.  There is a real feeling of deep care for each other, like family.  As the children grow some are mastering jump rope, tying shoes, learning to read the name tags, and learning how to skip.  Our current story is one of transformation about a caterpillar named Twig who almost believes he will never fly.  It is titled, Prince of Butterflies. Since some of the children will be entering their second or third kindergarten year and some will be entering first grade, at this time of year I bring “readiness” activities.   Our day is peppered with these types of songs and games.  We are playing a memory game at the end of clean-up and we’ve been singing “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,” bringing letter awareness, just to name a few.

Please look for a Spring Conference sign-up sheet on the board over the sign-in/out table.  I offer conferences to parents whose child is five (or will be five by June) or older.  If you would like to have a conference and your child is younger I am available.  This is a good time to touch in about how your child is doing.  Thank you for signing up!

From Sra. Ana

¡Feliz Primavera!
This wonderful spring weather makes me feel like dancing and singing more than any other season.  In the preschool and kindergarten we are singing songs about animals and nature that have lively movement.  We will also be revisiting dance songs that get the children up and moving in the morning.  !Canta con nosotros!

In the grades class for the past couple of weeks we have had spring as the main theme during Spanish time.  We made “cascarones,” (hollowed out eggs filled with confetti that when broken bring good luck) for Easter and learned a spring song, “La Bella Primavera.”  We will continue with spring vocabulary and in the coming weeks add vocabulary from the natural world around us.

Upcoming Events

April 13,2013:  Children’s Day in the Plaza

10am-3pm in the Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo

We will have a booth at this event so that we can get our name out there in the community.  If you are interested or available to help, please talk with Kim.  Stop in for a visit and plant a seed with us!

April 21, 2013:  Earth Day Fair and Music Festival

10am-5pm, El Chorro Regional Park & SLO Botanical Garden

We will also have a booth at this event too.  This should be a fun day.  The booths are around the playground and there are lots of cool places to explore.  We hope to see you there!

Kite Parade has been cancelled:(

May 1, 2013:  May Day at Wishing Well School


On Wednesday May 1st, you are all invited to celebrate the spring season with dance and song.  In the morning please bring extra flowers or greenery from your yard.  At noon we will be weaving crowns.  We’ll end the day with a treat!

Thank you to everyone who donated and pitched in at our garage sale fundraiser this weekend.  We made $1973.50!!!  A special thank you to Ms. Julie , Jesse, Maya and Dylan for hosting the event at their home.  The organization was seamless.  Also thank to the events committee for orchestrating the weekend.  Good job everyone!

Blessings on our growing school,