Policies & Procedures

Parent Involvement

sour grass kidsWelcome to our community of caring parents and educators who have come together to create a beautiful school.  Wishing Well School is entering its ninth year as a Waldorf inspired Early Childhood program and has now grown to include a 1st thru 6th grade class.  We are happy to be on this journey with all of you.

Since this may be the first school experience for some children, we understand the desire to stay and see how things are going and the difficulty you may have leaving your child for the first time in another’s care.  Separation may be difficult but we have to remember that the birth of our child was the first step on their path of individuality.  Each day they grow more and more independent, incarnating into their own being.  That being said, transition is a gray area.  Please take cues from your child about when to stay or go while holding the idea that this is their time.  If you would like to stay a while in the morning please speak with your teacher.

tortilla dayWe require 40 hours per family per year of volunteer time. If you wish to pay for volunteer hours we can bill you at the rate of $20 per hour. We have a  online tracking system that you will use to track your hours and there will be plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the school year including, but not limited to, nature walks, painting day, meal preparation, festivals, washing classroom materials, marketing events, grant writing, buying supplies from our wish list, fundraising events etc.  If you have a special talent or skill and would like it put to work, please include them on your volunteer interest form and we will find tasks best suited to you.

The result of all of us working together creates positive momentum, lighter workloads, raises community spirit and energies, and increases our ability to receive grants.

Questions & Concerns

Since our children are always around us and require our whole attention, it is better to bring questions or concerns when the children are not present, ideally.  Please speak directly to your teacher if there is something weighing on your heart. It is very difficult for teachers to give you the attention you need first thing in the morning.  Emailing or calling on the phone works best.


We know that a young child’s imagination is blossoming during these early developmental years setting the stage for later learning. Many parents at Wishing Well have committed themselves to limiting/or refraining completely from their child’s exposure to screen time in order to allow their child to be fully present in the moment, to play and learn creatively, and to set forth an environment that supports the healthy growth of the young child. Please keep media exposure to a minimum/or not at all. We kindly ask that you do not allow screen time the day before or the morning of a school day as this can often become a distraction as children tend to play out what it is they have seen on T.V., instead of allowing their imaginations to guide their play with the other children. This topic of media and the young child is one of great interest and we will delve a bit deeper into this topic during the school year.

Here is a wonderful video from Marin Waldorf School:

Parent Evenings

Every other month we provide a forum for discussion on important home life, parenting and societal issues. We would like for us all to get to know each other better.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together to discuss our children’s well being, how we can be better parents and a place to share challenges.  We are each creating our family vessel.  Let’s help each other in this endeavor.



There are so many factors that go into making us act the way we do and the same is true for the young child.  Our nutrition, our home-life, our interactions throughout the day all play a part in how we behave.  In young children a healthy wholesome diet, a rhythmic stable home-life and loving interactions throughout their day help to pave the way for healthy happy children. However, the predominate way a young child learns is through imitation.  We didn’t have to teach our children to crawl, sit, walk and talk, but rather they imitated us and still do.  We believe the key to teaching and discipline at this age is to tap into that imitative nature.  Instead of focusing on the mistake or jumping into the head and trying to reason with a young child, a better approach is to show them, with our actual movements, a positive behavior to copy.  The fewer words the better and the more repetitive the better.  “Hands are for working and playing,” rather than hitting or throwing sand.  And then going and engaging the child’s will forces and showing him/her how to work or play in a positive manner.  Our children are our mirrors.  Who we are and everything we do is mirrored in our children.

Illness and Absences

If your child is sick with fever, flu or something else terrible that you wouldn’t want to share, please don’t send him or her to school.  In the case of a scheduled absences or vacations, please notify the school in advance as soon as you can.  Tuition will not be reduced for illness or scheduled absence.

What is Provided

  • A wholesome organic meal
  • All artistic materials
  • A loving, safe, rich environment for your child to grow and thrive

What is Not Provided

  • Food – Please sign up to bring a week’s amount of snack.  Check the bulletin board for details.
  • Clothing – Each child should have a spare change of clothing that stay in their cubby, just in case.
  • Footwear – Each child should have a pair of indoor slippers and gumboots are always handy to have at school.

don't forget your boots!

We hope that this is helpful in aiding your understanding of what Wishing Well School  is all about. Thanks for your interest in Wishing Well.  Looking forward to connecting with you.