“What is asked of us as parents is sometimes more than we would expect of any person.  That is as it should be; for as parents we have been given the wonderful challenge of growing as human beings while at the same time giving the highest service possible.”  – Franklin Kane, Parents as People

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the kids, 08-09

4 thoughts on “Parents

  1. Wishing Well is an AMAZING preschool. Our son was thrilled after getting accepted to Wishing Well and comes home each day with a smile and many stories about what he learned with his new friends.

    The school is Waldorf Inspired, meaning they focus on enriching his imagination and sense of wonder. Each day they have a hands on activity and assure that the children have lots of time outside giving them a chance to enjoy the warm weather and scenery of Los Osos.

    The staff is wonderful and the parents are energetic and fun, giving each and every child at the school and amazing level of respect and confidence.

    Thank you Kim for hosting this amazing school.

  2. Jack’s favorite day of the week at Wishing Well is soup day. The kids not only get to help make the soup, including the chopping of the vegetables, but they each bring something from their home to contribute to the feast. We have so much fun the night before deciding on what we want to bring and most of the time it comes from our garden. Before Jack started school he didn’t much care for soup and I would hurry along making the meals and would never of thought to invite my children to help me. But now we enjoy making soup and cooking together as family. This seems to make meal time so much nicer and the meal seems more delicious too.
    This is what is so wonderful about Wishing Well. It truly is a place where your whole family grows and learns not just your kids. . When Jack is at school I know he is nurtured and cared for and that he is having fun. Thank you Kim!

  3. Making the decision to enroll our son at Wishing Well is the best thing we could have done for him. The teachers are so patient and creative. Because of their commitment to caring, his personality has improved by leaps and bounds and his sense of confidence increases daily. The loving guidance he is receiving has taught us how to become more self assured as parents. The outcome is that we, as parents, are learning to understand and discipline him in a more loving, effective manner. We have so much to be thankful for and encourage all our friends with children to seek out Wishing Well. It has changed us as a family and been a miracle for our son.

  4. I really enjoyed the open house. I was so impressed with the beauty of the space, the passion of the staff and the committment of the parents. I am hopeful that our family will be able to find a way to join the community 🙂

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