Feb. 25, 2010 minutes

Minutes from new school meeting Feb. 25, 2010

Attendance:  Lily (new parent), Julie, Cindy, Linda, Mariah, Kim


Restate intention of wanting to move forward toward starting a new school.  “Pioneers!”

Report on tasks:

Cindy:  talked with statewide outdoor education person about renting out “Rancho.”  Not a definite no, but some good suggestions to look elsewhere.  Cindy recommended taking a field trip to Rancho and she’ll look into organizing it.

Kim:  charter report- moving right along, hope to open fall 2011, looking for board members, need to discover how we can define where the school will be.  Kim will think/ask Sonja about creative ways to work a kinder program at her house.

Mariah:  volunteered to spread the word about our new school on facebook, come up with a survey for wishing well website and will look into mixed media package brochure.

Julie:  will continue to make cookies and talk it up

Lily:  will be in touch with her sister-in-law in Washington about their school starting up process.

Closing song:  Round and round the earth is turning

*Thanks to Mr. Rob for watching all the kiddos!