March 2013


Dear Parents,

     Everything is in a hurry in Spring and Spring isn’t even officially here.   I sense much excitement around our school in anticipation of what will come. What will next year look like? How will we fair with the upcoming events?  How does the board communicate efficiently?  Who will be the next group of families that come to us?  How is my child doing?  The list goes on.   With all this hustle and bustle we can’t forget to look to the natural world to bring us balance.  There is a moment before the bud appears on the branch when it is just a branch, and then as if magic has occurred, you look again and there is a bud, swelling with anticipation. In that moment before, there is a listening, a knowing.  I find that if I truly listen to myself, my children, the world around, then I can create something new within.  With the freshness of Spring comes a clean slate, a new opportunity to cast away the hardness of winter and an opportunity to really listen.  If we can just remember to slow down enough to do it.
     Speaking of listening, I will be hosting conferences with parents for children who will be kindergarten and first grade age in the fall.  These conferences will begin after Spring Break.
     In the spirit of growth, the children will be growing grass in baskets.  Please bring in a Spring basket with a handle lined with either a plastic or brown paper bag.
     Next Monday and Tuesday are picture days.  Cory and Elliot (Poppy and Fischer’s parents) are professional photographers and they have offered to take school pictures for us.  What a treat!  Please pick up an order form at your sign-in/out table.
     March 16th is our open house from 10am-12pm.  There are flyers available for distribution next to the tuition basket in the kindergarten.  Please take a few and post them at your favorite spots.  This is a big help to getting the word out.  Thank you!
     Lastly, Tuesday March 19th at 7pm we will have the opportunity to hear from a master Waldorf teacher who will be here visiting.  Her name is Dorit Winter and she was the director of my teacher training program.  She will be visiting our school and mentoring all of us teachers while she is here.  This is a very special opportunity and I do hope you will come to hear her speak.  The title of her talk is “Why Waldorf?”
     Thank you for bringing your darling children to our school.  They are all so near and dear to my heart.  Blessings on our Spring!
P.S.  Don’t forget our next parent evening this Wed. at 7pm!
P.P.S.  It’s been one year since we got our puppy Lucy!  If only puppies could stay small!