March 2011

Dear Parents,

I realize that it has been a few weeks now since the teacher’s conference Ms. Jan and I attended and I have failed to give you a synopsis of our time there.  It was a two and a half day conference put on by the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training.  The main speaker was Christof Weichert, who is head of the pedagogical section of  Waldorf schools world-wide.  It was very good for me to connect with colleagues and share struggles and  joys.  The title of the conference was “A New Impulse: Finding Balance.”  This was not the type of conference where we discussed what songs to sing in circle time or stories to tell (although I did that a bit too), but rather it was a deepening of spirit that rejuvenated me beyond the mundane.  I also was inspired to continue on our quest for beginning a school.  I am striving toward balance within myself on a daily basis and in regards to future tasks.

We will be having a parent meeting on Wed. March 23, 2011 at 7:30pm, here.  For this meeting I would like to cover three topics:  Ms. Kelly as a guest speaker, because she attended a Waldorf school from 3rd-8th grades, what will happen next year, and “observations”.  I’ve invited Ms. Kelly to attend our meeting so that she can talk with us about her experiences as a Waldorf student growing up.  Please come prepared with your questions for her, such as, do you just keep learning about fairies and gnomes each year?  Do you really learn anything or do you just do art a lot?  Did you, Kelly, feel prepared for Cal Poly as an architectural engineering student?  etc… Next year, I am planning to move the school and I need help.  I will have a punch list of things to do and how you can help.   I will also have a timeline of ideally how it will all evolve and what the questionable pieces are.  Lastly, Ms. Jan and I are going to be doing an observation of sorts for the children aged 4 and a half and  up.  This will be so that you can see where your little one is in regards to being “ready” for kindergarten or first grade.  We will go over what the observations will entail and set up a time with each of you where we can discuss what we have noticed.

Next week we will be sprouting/planting grass for easter baskets.  Please bring in your child’s/children’s Easter baskets lined with plastic and with their name on the bottom.  I will provide the soil and seed.

March stories:  A folktale from India “The Little Tiger,” a homemade story by Yvonne de Matt, “Leprechaun’s Gold,”  a Russian fairy tale, “Mashenka and the Bear.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t forget to wear your green!  See you all soon!