February 2011

Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending the most recent parent evening.  It is always so good to see all of you outside of the regular pick-up and drop-off times.  I am also astounded at how much I learn at our meetings about your children, in the preparation of the meeting as well as in the discussion.  Thank you for sharing.  A brief re-cap of our meeting is as follows:  introduction of the 7 year cycles of childhood and the overriding qualities of each 7 years, 0-7 is willing, 7-14 is feeling, and 14-21 is thinking; within that 0-7 year time willing, feeling and thinking are recapitulated so that when a child is 0-3 they are primarily “doing/willing”, from 4-5 there is a shift toward awakening to a feeling life and from 6-7 they are bridging over into a new way of thinking, hence grade school/academic readiness.  We also shared delights and challenges.  I spoke briefly about next year.  My current idea is to begin a grades program from 8am-9am, 4 days per week where the first grade ready children will be introduced to numbers, letters, pentatonic flute,  handwork and Spanish.  Then from 9am-1pm the program would continue to be held as a mixed age kindergarten, so the group could stay together.  From 8-9am is a grades program and from 9-1pm is a kindergarten day.  Where this will be is still yet to be seen, maybe a rental site in either Morro Bay or Los Osos.  Hopefully we’ll land on some property with a creek running though it that is close to all of us.:)  Keep dreaming and it will come!

At our last meeting I mentioned that rather than a Valentine’s tea, we will be having a party.  The party will be from 12:00pm – 1:00pm and everyone is invited.  In order to simplify things we are going to have a group lunch.  So no need to pack a lunch on Monday 2/14.  Hooray!  Ms. Jan and I will provide nut butter and jam sandwiches, regular and gluten-free.  Trisha will bring a fruit platter and Megan will bring a little something more, (carrots, hummus, veggies, popcorn, pickles, something:).  Since it is Rio’s birthday on Valentine’s day, she will be sharing a sweet for after the party.  During the party we will do a Valentine exchange.  This is not a mandatory performance!  If you would like to share Valentine cards with the other children please make sure you have one for everyone.  There are 20 children enrolled at Wishing Well.  Below is a list of names but it is not necessary to put who they are to, but instead who they are from.  Get my drift?   In going with the general philosophy here, if you are going to do Valentines please spend the time to make them special and from your child rather than passing out an advertisement for the latest cartoon/movie character.  Thanks!

Pearl, Emory, Maya, Jack, Elanor, Rio, Eddie, Fin, Emma Sunshine, Eddie, Dylan, Aubri, Gavin, Skye, Branwen, Gianna, Jace, Fiona, Emma and Cora.

On Thursday I will be attending an orientation in Goleta that will cover all the steps I need to take in order to get a license for a “child care center.”  This license will enable me to move the school to a location that can accommodate more children.  Ms. Jan, Kelly and Laurel will be here on Thursday covering for me.  So if I don’t see you have a great weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope the love is spread to all in the kingdom, for love is the key to kingdom.



p.s.  Thank you to Cindy, John, Jack and Elanor for throwing such a fun boat party last weekend!  All ye landlubbers and pirates had a mighty fine day!

p.p.s.  Thank you, in advance, to Cameron (Cora’s mom) and Cora’s grandfather for coming in on Thursday to share a Chinese New Year craft with all of us!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Be sure to pet Honey bunny for good luck, it is the year of the rabbit.

*Remember no school 2/21-24*