Dear Parents,

Has it really been 3 weeks of school already?  Wow!  Things are moving right along and there is lots to keep us busy.  I’d like to welcome all of the new parents, new children and our new helper Jan.  Getting to know your children, veterans and newbies, each day is like taking a bit more of the wrapping paper off of a present.  I am held in amazement the more I get to know these little beings.  With so many new faces, forming the group and establishing our rhythm has been a bit of a challenge.  I am always reminded that the spring feels so different than autumn because of all the time we’ve spent together and all the little growth moments we’ve had.  There are many times througout the day when one child does something, positive and/or negative, to another child.  These are those moments when real soul growth happens.  A piece of how to be human is shown to them.  It is these moments that form us.

I would like to elaborate a little on one aspect of our week and that is painting day, Monday.  Some of you may be wondering, why do they do the same type of painting at school every week!  And with only one or two colors!  Others of you may not know at all about our painting day.  So here it is…

The goal of painting at this age is to give the child a true experience of color, not to draw with a brush.  The colors they paint with are not hard solid blocks of color, but instead have a living quality.  They are pigment mixed with water.  The experience of using a wide brush and the fluidity of the color on the page allows not only for finding what two colors “make” together, but it gives the child an inward feeling of the color.  This mirrors their development in that they are just beginning to have an inner soul life themselves, speaking of all those growth moments!  This basic introduction to the world of color tills the soil for later artistic endeavors.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to bring apples, join us on a nature walk or be a painting helper.  These efforts help us so much!

Since we’ve been so engaged in apples at school, I would love to propose a field trip day to go apple picking in Avila this Friday, 11/1, at 11a.m.  Julie, Maya’s mama, has all the details about where so I’ll let you know.  If you can make it great, if not we’ll do something again soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the hot weather over the weekend.  I sure did!  See you soon.



p.s. Snack days are: M-painting and porridge, T-soup day *please bring a veggie for the soup*, W-bread day, Th-rice and eggs day

p.p.s.  Sept./ Oct. Stories:  The Boy Who Wished to Be a Knight (Suzanne Down), The Hungry Cat  (Norwegian Tale), A Halloween Story (Nancy Foster)