Well here we are in June, the end of the school year!  Wow that went fast!  All of these little ones have grown up so much in one year.  These past few weeks have been filled with the wonder of transformation.  Thanks to Cindy for bringing us some tadpoles to watch grow and thanks to the hollyhocks that are being munched in the garden, we are witnessing two amazing transformations.  Not to mention the transformation of our children growing like weeds in the gardens of our lives.  Can I press pause please!  It has been such a joy to be with this group of children.  What a wonderful school year!

Thanks to all for gathering at the beach this past weekend.  I loved seeing all of the children (and the grown-ups) playing so well together.  We sure do have a special group of people involved in our little school.  I hope you all have an amazing summer with lots of family time.  I’ll see most of you at summer camp starting July 5th (E & P’s birthday!).

Much Love,


p.s.  this is a link to a wonderful talk about how we are educating our kids out of creativity by Ken Robinson


p.p.s.  below is a picture of every child at school!