Dear Parents,

What a full spring we have had thus far, baby goats, the Kite Festival and parade and most recently May Day!  The children have been loving all of it.  Please check out last month’s newsletter for pictures of the “kids” playing with the kids.  The Kite Festival parade was a great success (and learning opportunity!).  Thanks to everyone for coming out and enjoying the day.  Our little school is a special one and I was reminded of it many times that day.

As Spring has progressed and the year is flowering, so too are the children.  I have observed that they are developing deeper and new friendships.  Their capacities are flowering too.  They are all at different stages but each one is in the process of learning how to skip, jump rope, and the older ones are working on tieing shoe laces.  We celebrated May Day last week by making May baskets, picking flowers for them and giving them to our neighbors.  The focus of our circle time has been dancing with the rainbow ribbons on our backyard Maypole, learning new songs and skipping.  Two weeks ago I introduced chopsticks on rice and eggs day.  The children were thrilled to try them.  They are a wonderful way to aid the children in developing a pencil grip.  Hopefully they’ll keep up their enthusiasm.  Presently our story is “The Three Oranges.”  A wonderful fairy tale from Italy.  Little hands have been busy planting seeds and starts in our new garden, tending chickens and making Mother’s Day gifts.

Another project we have been working on is making napkin rings.  Rob cut the bamboo, the children sanded them and Aubree has engraved the children’s names and symbols on them.  They are finished and all they need is a napkin.  My vision was that each child would bring a napkin from home that would live at school.  At the end of each week the soiled napkins would go home with a child to wash, fold and return the following week.  So at your earliest convenience please send your child to school with a regular sized cloth napkin.  Thanks!

So many people to thank….. Thank you Shana Rader (Marin Waldorf Kinder teacher) for giving such an inspiring talk. Thanks to Tomi for taking such dear pictures on baby goat day and sharing them.  Thanks to Karen and Matt for sharing your sweet little goats with us.  What a special day that was for the children.  Thank you to Julie and Jesse for offering their house as a meeting place for the kite parade.  What a perfect spot.

Summer is fast upon us.  You will find a summer camp brochure in your child’s cubby.  If you are interested in summer camp please let me know as soon as possible.

Looking ahead to next fall…  Many of you have almost kindergarten age children and I would like to be able to meet those new challenges next year.  Over the summer I will be  taking a week-long course at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento titled, The Fundamentals of a Waldorf Kindergarten.  In addition, I will be working with a woman who has been an assistant in the kindergarten for 8 years at the Bellingham Wa. Waldorf school.  Her name is Jan Moore and she will be coming at least once a week starting in the fall to help me work with the changing dynamic of kindergarteners.  I would like to know if you want your child to continue here at Wishing Well in the fall, and I need to know if a little brother or sister may be joining us too and when.  Please look for a recommitment sheet on the board or verbally let me know your plans.  Thanks.

Ok, last thing, I promise.  We have a new school meeting scheduled for next Friday 5/14.  There was talk of having a ladies night out.  Any takers?  Could someone volunteer to organize this, send out email, etc.  Thank you.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

With love,


p.s. If you are in SLO this Sat. come and see me and Cindy at the Birth and Baby Faire.  Mission Plaza 10am – 3pm.

p.p.s.  Does anyone have a farmer’s market type pop up tent?