March 10, 2010

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring, almost!  The winds are here and with it new energy.  My apologies for the state of the front yard, or rather “the beach” as the children affectionately call it.  I’m sure you’ve had your share of Los Osos sand in your life as I have too.  This weekend we will be working on the master plan.  Thanks for your patience.  Don’t forget to spring forward on Sunday.

The children are growing, growing, growing!  As one little boy says most mornings, “Look how big I am!”  And he is right!  With growing up comes a bit more responsibility.  I am expecting a little more from them as a group and as individuals.  They are stepping up beautifully.

I have been tossing around the idea of eating a hot lunch at school and actually tried it yesterday.  Maybe it was only one day and I need to give it more time, but my feelings on it now are mixed.  They didn’t really eat lunch and I felt like the snack wasn’t substantial enough.  I’m sorry but I need more time to make this transition.  So for now, keep packing lunches.  Thanks!

Thus far we have had two meetings to discuss  the vision we hold for our children and their schooling.  Most immediately we have been discussing kindergarten and the idea of offering another program.  We have called our two meetings “forming” meetings since we are still getting clear on exactly what we want.  We all know we want an alternative to what is out there and with each meeting we are becoming more clear on what that is.  Please look under the “new school meeting minutes” at the top of the home page for a brief synopsis of our last meeting, held 2/25.  Our next meeting is Thursday evening March 18th at 6pm.  Hope to see you there!

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Spring Break:  April 5th – 8th   NO SCHOOL