Feb. 2, 2010

Dear Parents,

It feels like a long time since I’ve written and indeed it has been.  Thank you all for your patience with the illness that ran through not only my household but probably yours as well.  Remember that there were two days at the beginning of Jan. that Wishing Well was closed due to Pearl and Emory being sick, so you may have a credit or two ($25 per day).  You can use this credit in two ways, either deduct $25, per day, off next month’s tuition or save it for a day that you don’t usually come to school.  Just check in with me to make sure I have space for another little one.

In Dec. we tried to hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a kindergarten program and beyond.  With everyone’s busy schedules in Dec., I cancelled since it seemed as though the turn-out was going to be low.   The meeting has been re-scheduled for this weekend, Sat. Feb. 7th at 11a.m.  Please bring whatever you are working on in the craft realm.  First we will hold our meeting and then we’ll get crafty.  The agenda for the meeting is posted on the cork board by the cubbies.  Hope to see you there!  If not, don’t worry I’m sure we’ll have another meeting.

That all said, I hope your year is now off to a good start.  We just finished the story of Rumplestiltskin, which the children loved.  Currently, we are doing a story called ” The Four Brothers.”  It is an adaptation of a Greek legend where a little girl, though poor and hungry has a sunny disposition.  Due to her kindness and helpful nature, she gets to meet the four brothers of each season who come to her aid.  It is very sweet and brings to light good intentions and a positive outlook.  May we all look forward into the year positively.

We have loved the wet, the mud, the worms, the dirt and clearing the front yard.  Take a look at our busy, helpful little people.



p.s.  Reminder, NO SCHOOL FEB. 15 – 18.  I am participating in a teacher conference in the San Francisco bay area.