December 2, 2009

Merry December All,

Hope you are finding sweet ways to enjoy the busy and quiet moments of this month with your children.  The magic of the month is practically tangible.  It has been wonderful to see how much P and E are loving the simple things like slippers and bathrobes, going up in the attic to get down the Christmas lights and the stories.  I love this time of year because of the opportunity it provides for us to teach our children about reverence.  Whatever your beliefs around this holiday, there is a soul mood and gesture of turning inward.  With the days growing shorter and colder we are afforded more inside family time and maybe a moment for some introspection too.  Last year we had our inaugural Solstice Lantern Walk with the children.  This festival carries a quiet tone.  With beautiful live music (played by Skye’s parents Lori and Jon) and the children all holding their lit lanterns as they walk silently into the backyard, we are reminded of our own inner light, the light of our children and the return of light to our world.  Please join us for an evening of quiet on Dec. 17th from 4:30 – 6ish. This year we will not do food so please make sure your little one has had either an early dinner or hearty snack beforehand.  Thanks!

Also on the agenda for this busy month is a meeting for all those interested in an alternative kindergarten, specifically for next fall, but please come if you’re at all interested, even if your child won’t be entering kindergarten next year.  Here are the links for the flyer and agenda for the evening (thanks Karen, they are beautiful!).  We have nurtured our children so carefully up to this point, let’s continue to provide an environment that cherishes childhood.  They deserve it!  Join us Fri. Dec. 11th at 7pm at Wishing Well for our first organizational meeting.  See links below:



To sum things up:

Friday Dec. 11th, 7pm  Kindergarten Meeting

Thursday Dec. 17th, 4:30pm  Solstice Lantern Walk

Winter Break Dec. 18th – Jan. 3rd

And lastly, I wish you all Merry Holidays!

With Much Love,