Nov. 18, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hope this finds you all doing well.  Here at school the kids are oh so busy.  In the last month we’ve had fun playing and working. The children have all completed their first sewing project, a little pouch for their treasures.  This was a big endeavor, each one doing as much as he or she was able.  Another activity that has been BIG, is riding bikes.  Wow, it is amazing how many kids on bikes we can seem to fit on our driveway!  And furthermore, how good they are at negotiating all the obstacles and other riders. Congratulations to Kai, Jace and Jack who have recently mastered the art of the pedal bike.  Eddie is oh so close and Maya Lily is getting the hang of the balance bike.  Wishing Well kiddos are on their way to the Tour de France!  To be honest, I keep waiting for them to say they are tired of riding bikes, but no end in sight yet!  Another sheer pleasure is watching the kids emerge from the coop chanting, “Two brown eggs!  Two brown eggs!”  Everyone seems to be enjoying the chickens thoroughly.  Here are some pics from the last month, and remember if your little one isn’t pictured, he/she will show up next month.  Happy Thanksgiving!



P.P.S.  A meeting about kindergarten will be scheduled for early Dec.  I’ll let you know asap.