September 1, 2009

Dear Parents,

It has been really wonderful to keep in touch with all of you over the summer.  All three sessions of summer camp were a great success!  I got the opportunity to change things up a bit and discover what works and of course, what doesn’t.  I am really looking forward to shaping the school year with much clearer intentions than I began with last September.  

This summer the kids got to know my new assistant Aubrey.  She has lots of energy and loves to play with the little ones.  I met her family out on the soccer field three years ago when we first moved here.  She is 15 and is going to be doing independent study this year, so she will be continuing on with me during the school year.  She is very interested in working with children and is currently taking an early childhood education course at Cuesta.   That all being said, she is 15 and needs some coaching.  If there is anything that comes up for you regarding her, please talk with me so that we can resolve it.  I am excited to have some new energy around.

This school year will be organized in the same fashion as last year, two semesters with payments each month (Sept.-Dec.) being the same .  I will have contracts for everyone the first week of school.  Our first semester begins Sept. 8 and goes until Decemeber 17,2009.  I will be keeping the start time at 9a.m., so the day will run 9a.m.-1p.m.,  Mon. through Thurs.  I will be offering extended care Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2:30p.m. and Mondays and Wednesdays until 4p.m..  If you have a need that does not fit these hours, please let me know and we can try to work something out.  It is best for the children if they know ahead of time that they will be staying late on a particular day, so ideally we would work out a schedule where extended care is included in your contract.  However, I do know of some younger siblings who do like their naps, so I will be offering a “drop-in” care for $5 an hour, but you must call ahead to see if that is an option.

Here is the breakdown for tuition:

4 days/week = $343.00/month

3 days/week = $262.00/month

2 days/week = $175.00/month

When everyone returns next week I will have some more information for you about changes for the school year.  I hope this finds you all doing well and I look forward to seeing you on Tues. 9/8 at 9a.m.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!




p.s. If you are unsure of what day you are coming please call me to confirm.  Thanks!

p.p.s.  This is a link to an article about the state of our current kindergartens and how their is not enough time for play.  Enjoy!