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May 25, 2009

Dear Parents,

Hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  As a family we hiked up Bishop’s peak and Emory and Pearl almost made it to the top!  We haven’t done much hiking with them lately since they are too heavy to carry. Much to our surprise, I think we’ll pick it up again!  We also saw an active beehive in an oak just off the trail.  I love bees!

Things are going along just swimmingly here at Wishing Well.  Mister Rob just finished the play fort over the sandbox. Hooray!  Well, actually it is almost complete, now for the slide.  Three cheers for Mister Rob!  I love having a handy guy around. 

We have a new family who has joined us, Julie and Jesse and their daughter Maya Lily.  Julie has a bun in the oven and is due in July.  I would like to have a blessing way one morning for her, like we did for Sharon. More on that later. Welcome Julie, Jesse, Maya Lily and bun!

As a last hurrah before we begin our summers, I would like to invite you to a potluck meal thanking you for being such awesome families in our lives.  Basically I want to celebrate us!  The first school year at Wishing Well!  So on Saturday June 6th at 5p.m. let’s have a party! We’ll have the bbq going and you all can fill in the rest.  Please let me know if you can or can’t make it and what you’d like to bring.  Thanks!

If you haven’t already let me know your summer camp schedule, please do.  If you need something extra or different like longer hours, consecutive days, etc. please let me know, I am open.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!




p.s.  last day of school June 11th



L.A. kindergarten time

May 8, 2009

Here is a link to a well written article published last weekend in the New York Times Magazine by Peggy Orenstein. She writes about the rise of testing and academics and the demise of play in kindergarten.

http://www.nytimes. com/2009/ 05/03/magazine/ 03wwln-lede- t.html<http://www.nytimes. com/2009/ 05/03/magazine/ 03wwln-lede- t.html?partner= rss&amp;emc=rss&amp;pagewanted= all> 


OsoSolMay 3, 2009

Happy May!                                                                                         

Hope you all enjoyed our balmy, wet, sun and fog this weekend. This was a big weekend for us in that Rob and the band, OsoSol, had their first gig. They played great and hopefully they’ll do a debut performance for Wishing Well one of these days. They’re working on “Wheels on the bus” and the like.

Pearl is doing much better. No fever for a few days now and back to her wanting to wear a dress everyday self. For those of you who opted not to come last Thursday, you have either earned a $25/day credit toward this month of May or if you would like to have a make-up day, and come on a day that your little one doesn’t usually come, that would be fine too. Just let me know which day works for you so I know who is going to be here for the day.

When many of you signed contracts in Sept. of last year and Jan. of this year, I stated that your $100 deposit would go toward your last month of tuition at Wishing Well, being June ’09. Well, after many inquiries regarding space availability for this fall, I am thinking that it makes more sense for me to keep the deposit until your last month of enrollment, whenever that is. If you would like your child to continue here in the fall, the $100 deposit would essentially hold your spot. If you have been expecting a tuition credit for the month of June and are unable to have the deposit carryover to the fall, please let me know and we can work something out.

Summer camp is filling up fast! If you are interested in summer camp, please return the registration portion of the gold flyer I passed out a few weeks ago. You don’t have to pay now, but I would just like to get a head count and see what days you would like. Thank you!



p.s. check your cubby for a little Buddhist inspiration when that parental anger rears its nasty head. I love Thich Nhat Hanh.

pps. don’t forget to treat yourself and be treated sweetly on Sunday for Mama’s Day



April 29, 2009

Dear Parents,

Today was an odd day at preschool because Pearly was sick.  She woke up with a fever and did vomit this morning.  I let everyone know who came today what the status was.  As I write this, she does still have a fever and is sleeping lots.  Today Pearl was in her room the whole preschool day and I bleached as many surfaces as I could.  Ms. Ann basically ran the day and things went smoothly.  As many of you know, contagious germs are usually around for 3 days or so before the sign of any symptoms.  So, I will leave the decision of whether to come or not, up to you.  Tomorrow Pearl will be “quarantined” to her room and, like today, Ann will run things.  If you don’t want to bring your child, I will refund you for the missed day.  

And, as a side note, I don’t think she has swine flu.  Although it is rather ironic that this should happen at this time.  Precaution is always in order, but the media hype does  seem a bit fear based.  I am hoping that she will be over this by Monday so that we can resume our regular fun times.  If she is not, I will be sure to let you know.

Oink, oink,


Blackey and Goldy

April 9, 2009

Happy Spring All!


This is my first post on this fancy new website.  Hope it works!  I’d like to give  a special thanks to John Konrad, Jack’s dad for putting this site together for me.  And, speaking of Jack this week is Jack’s birthday.  Check your child’s cubby for an invitation. 

Spring has sprung and the children are busy little people.  Lots of energy has characterized our days.  Play, play and more play is all they seem to want to do.  We’ve had many days of mud pie, chocolate cakes, chickens laying eggs, flower nests and camping trips.  The chickens are getting bigger and harder to catch.  We all have to use “teamwork” to round them up.

Next week is our spring break and Wishing Well will be closed.  This weekend is Children’s Day in the Plaza on Saturday in San Luis Obispo.  I will have a booth with lots of info on Wishing Well and Waldorf education.  Each booth will have an activity for  kids to do, so stop on by and visit if you’re in town.  It should be a fun day!

I tried to set a date for a parent evening and only a few could make it, so I’m going to try again.  Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 23 at 8p.m.  Hopefully as many of you can make it as possible.  I will not change this one, so be there or be square.  Please let me know via email if you can or can’t make it.  Thanks!

Happy Easter!



p.s.  been lovin’ “I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…” and “Home, home on the range…”